Washington Spirit – Roster Update

Boasting the most rostered players from the College Draft, the Spirit certainly have a young team heading into this tournament. The Spirit also add five international players who will be making their NWSL debuts in the Challenge Cup. There’s lots of newness but think all of the ingredients will make this team a tough competitor. The Spirit also have experienced players like Tori Huster, Rose “How Did She Do That?” Lavelle and Aubrey Bledsoe (2019 NWSL GK of the Year). This will be a fun team to watch!


Aubrey Bledsoe, Devon Kerr, Katie Lund


Tegan McGrady, Sam Staab, Paige Nielsen, Jenna Hellstrom (INT-CAN), Brooke Hendrix, Tori Huster, Kaiya McCullough, Natalie Jacobs


Dorian Bailey, Jaye Boisierre, Jordan DiBiasi, Meggie Dougherty Howard, Rose Lavelle (FED-USA), Meghan McCool, Jessie Scarpa, Andi Sullivan


Averie Collins, Bayley Feist, Ashley Hatch, Katie McClure, Ashley Sanchez, Crystal Thomas, Kumi Yokoyama (INT-JPN)

Injuries/Noticeable Misses

Players to Watch

  • Aubrey Bledsoe (GK)
  • Tori Huster (D)
  • Rose Lavelle (M)
  • Andi Sullivan (M)
  • Ashley Sanchez (F)

Players from College Draft

  • Kaiya McCullough (D)
  • Natalie Jacobs (D)
  • Averie Collins (F)
  • Katie McClure (F)
  • Ashley Sanchez (F)

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